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Born in Manhattan and raised in Three Forks, I am the fourth generation of my family to grow up in House District 69. Since 2010, I have lived in Manhattan with my wife Callie and our two children, where for most of that time I served my community as a Sergeant with the Manhattan Police Department.

I’ve been asked why I want to be your legislator. The people in this district make our home a special place—neighbors I’ve gotten to know and serve by keeping our communities safe, coaching a basketball team, or just having coffee with our local ranchers and farmers.

e need common-sense legislation born from our communities and crafted by leaders who listen to those they serve. Right now, the people of HD 69 are not well-served by legislators who have lost sight of what matters to Montanans. Instead, many of our elected representatives are focusing on partisan issues driven by national political agendas.


I want to work for you and find Montana solutions for Montana issues.


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