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Montana Solutions for Montana Issues

I am developing locally-grown policy by investing my time in talking to those I will represent. I'm not getting my policy positions from partisan playbooks. I am committed to being accessible to the people in our communities. No full voicemail boxes and no unanswered emails.


 Feel free to call, email, or text me. Leave a message, and know that I will respond directly to you. Communication is essential to making our district a better place to live. I can’t wait to discuss Montana Issues with you, and together we can find Montana Solutions!

Mental Health

Montanans need better access to mental health resources. Montana consistently ranks as a state with one of the highest suicide rates per year.  I am committed to working on several fronts to improve our mental health infrastructure: 

  • Investing in programs that increase awareness about mental health issues, reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues and helping those who are suffering understand that it is okay to seek help.

  • Improve our response to those in mental health crisis. In a moment of crisis law enforcement often responds, however, they are not always the best suited to aid in the situations alone. Communities have seen success when law enforcement collaborates with mental health professionals to respond to these situations together. Expanding these partnerships in communities throughout the state can better serve those in crisis, provide safer communities, and ultimately save taxpayer funds.

  • Improve Montana's mental health care infrastructure. We need to invest in more treatment options, psychiatric care, and addressing the shortage of mental health care professionals throughout the state.

Public Safety

After over a decade in law enforcement, I know there are criminal laws that need revisions to hold people accountable for their actions. In doing so, we can protect our communities while also guiding those in the criminal justice system to become better members of our community. 

Loopholes in Montana's criminal code do not help our society, nor do they help a person who has wronged another learn and become a better citizen.

I will work hard to revise laws that will keep our communities safe. 



The rapid growth in our district makes it difficult to afford a life in Gallatin Valley. People want to live here, and who can blame them? I am saddened to see so many people moving out of this district because they cannot afford to live here. I understand that we cannot stop growth, but we can shape how we grow and preserve the rural values that are so important to those who have lived here for decades and to those who have moved seeking our lifestyle.

As we grow, I am committed to working with our communities and our state, county, and city governments to solve issues like skyrocketing property values and rising property taxes. I am learning from community stakeholders about different legislative actions that can help ease the burden of staggering rent and home prices. I know we can work together to find solutions that will allow those with fixed and lower incomes to continue living in the valley they call home.

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